College Health Insurance

Remember college days? These may be some of the best times of your life. I mean come on; just think about all the homework you used to do all night, and all the midterms and exams you took every quarter or semester. That's a fun and exciting thing, right? Hurray! Okay, that's more of a military thing, but anyway. The truth is that with college comes good and bad. Usually not just one or the other. Sure, you do a little homework, and then you go out and go wild and crazy with your friends or dorm mates. There is balance. Gracious but wait; we don't want to forget the financial side of it all. And we certainly don't want to forgo college health insurance. This is very important.

When it comes to college health insurance, many students don't have the slightest hint of quip. I must know; I must be one of them. It was actually only in my sophomore year that I realized I had college health insurance. And college dental coverage for that matter. For some odd reason, I assumed I didn't have one. This didn't happen at all. One day it just hit me. I suddenly thought that I should get college health insurance and get it fast. Who knows what could happen? I might randomly break my arm or something. Life is too unpredictable not to have some kind of insurance. So it's time for me to do a little digging. I opened my college website on my personal computer and got the overview. In no time I was able to find out that I already had college health insurance. It goes through my school and the payments are deducted quarterly by my tuition fees. That's really not much at all. I checked what all I was covered for and it seemed to suit me at the time. Hell, I even have a dental plan. Who would have thought that college health insurance was provided for you if you were a full-time student? Okay, maybe a lot of people, but I'm not one of them. Regardless, it felt great to suddenly know I had coverage.

Do you need college health insurance? Well, if you are currently enrolled at the University, and are a full-time student, chances are that you already have one. Or, you at least have easy access to it. Present day college health insurance shouldn't cost you much if you're in full-time college. Jump on the web and see for yourself.

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