Levidio Animatoon Vol 2

Levidio Animatoon

Levidio Animatoon With it, you can create world-class animation videos that only use PowerPoint. No additional plugins needed. It designed by online business practitioners for all businesses of any scale who want to dominate the market using video, for all devices and platforms. And Why PowerPoint?. PowerPoint is one of the most familiar tools or software and almost everyone has or had used it. Today PowerPoint is growing and able to support professional video creation using the best video creation features, and when combined with templates and assets from Levidio will be an extraordinary tool that allows everyone to make videos and graphics faster and easy.


  • The easiest way to create 3D & 2D animated videos .
  • All Elements can be customized easily allowing you to create videos for any need.
  • Step by step tutorials that will guide you to master and maximize Levidio Animatoon Volume 2 faster.
  • Export high-quality 4K HD videos and improve your brand recognition within minutes
  • Special ecourse to maximize 3D video creation using powerpoint and blender


  • 10 2D Character
  • 600 3D Character
  • 10 2D Video Explainer Promotion
  • 10 3D Video Explainer Promotion
  • 10 2D Banner Animation
  • 10 3D Banner Animation
  • 10 2D Background Scene
  • 10 3D Background Scene
  • 10 2D Object Assets
  • 10 3D Object Assets
  • 10 Ecourse 3D Levidio Animatoon Vol 2
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