60 Second Sales Tsunami PowerPoint Template

60 Second Sales Tsunami

60 Second Sales Tsunami is a collection of 60 second video ads done entirely in Powerpoint. These ads templates are short, sweet and to the point. They create interest with amazing special effects and beautiful transitions. AND best of all, you don’t need any special software to edit them! Just use Powerpoint!

Every Business Needs A Promotional Video. Video Has Changed The Way People Shop And Make Purchasing Decisions. Video ads can help move potential customers through the purchase process more quickly than almost any other type of media. Are You Launching A New Product Or A Service? Video Can Explain Everything. Most customers say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. That is why most e-Commerce businesses are using video marketing on their home page and social media for more effective promotions

But The Questions Is? How Can You Create E-Commerce  Promotion Video Content That Actually Converts? Most people have been doing it wrong. See if you are making these common mistakes. Some people use the wrong tools to create designs and expect it to look like a professional job! Others hire an expensive designer services and then pay for costly revisions? Business owners often try to do it from scratch, eating up valuable time. Most DIYers try to cram everything into one video creating a 5 minute monstrosity that no one ever watches to the end!


  • 20 Premium e-Commerce Promotions Templates.
  • 20 Ready Use 5 Size Banner Kit templates.
  • 20 Square e-Commerce templates for ads/ social media promotions.
  • 20 Stories e-Commerce templates for snapchat or instagram promotions.
  • 100 % FULLY Edited in Powerpoint
  • All templates designed based on TOP business niche .
  • NO Monthly Fee.
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